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The unique trade-marked handle cut-out allows you to easily reference which model of Heavy Grip you are working with. The high quality handgripper handles are first knurled, then they grind out a small section of the inside handles and then stamp on the Heavy Grip model number on the cut-out area. This is a unique design of the HeavyGrips handgrippers for easy strength reference. The HG hand-grip series will help you develop HUGE forearms muscles and giant wrists as well as a crushing grip!! Perfect gift for athletes for Xmas, Birthday and Father's Day!!

Q: Who should use the Heavy Grips?

A: The Heavy Grips hand grippers are a very effective tool for any consumer or athlete, men or women, who would like to substantially increase the strength of their wrists, fingers and hands.

If you willing to work hard and don't mind a few calluses on your fingers due to the knuckled grip, then the Heavy Grips are probably for you. Side effects should include Huge forearms!

Q: Are the Heavy Grips similar in strength to other grippers on the market?

A: No they are not. We actually measure our gripper strengths as a conversion of "Torque-twist" and if you are expecting our strengths to be the same as any other heavy-duty gripper on the market with a 'strength estimate', then you should stick with your favorite brand.

We are providing an affordable strength tool for any athlete or consumer that can benefit from increasing their hand strength with our quality product at an affordable price.

Q: Which gripper should I start with?

A: The HeavyGrip(HG)100 is mostly used as a warm-up gripper or for grip beginners. We recommend this gripper for females, young athletes and people with an 'average grip' and no grip training experience.

It is also a very high quality gripper for stronger people who like to do a lot of repetitions. That's why it's called "The Beginner".

Q: How do you determine the strength of the Heavy Grips™?

A: Although we have developed a standardized testing procedure, as our Disclaimer says: "the strengths are approximate" and we are selling athletic training equipment, not calibrated instruments.

The Heavy-Grips are tested in the middle of the gripper and we test the 'Twist-torque' measured in Newton.metres(N.m) and convert to inch-force-pounds, shortened to "lbs" for marketing purposes.

Q: How often should I train with my Heavy Grips™?

A: We only recommend training with the Heavy Grips two to three times per week. Unlike the dept. store brand of grippers you can do endless reps with, our grippers were designed to give you a solid resistance work-out by doing low repetitions.(squeezing the grippers less than 5 to 15 times for work sets).

Many new consumers make the mistake of over-training and use their Heavygrips everyday which can cause injury due to overtraining. Just as you would not bench press or squat heavy weights 4 or 5 times per week, you should not train low reps with your Heavy grips that often.

Q: How come you sell your grippers by the single gripper instead of pairs?

A: When exercising with the Heavy Grips™ Hand Grippers, the training format is similar to that of training the biceps with concentration curls. Our grippers are very tough and are designed for much lower strength and power gaining reps than the average store-bought gripper.

We'd be surprised (and very impressed) if you picked up a pair of the Heavy Grip 200's and rattled off a bunch of reps with both hands at the same time.

Q: One of my Heavy Grips™ is a little narrower and weaker than when I purchased it. Is this covered by warranty?

A: The Heavy Grips™ are designed for athletes to use as a tool to strengthen their grips and by nature the torsion springs will get weaker the more they are used and may become narrower over time.

Our engineers have found that this happens more often when the grippers are being "seasoned" (broke in using various methods that we don't recommend) by holding the grippers closed or forced shut with two hands to do 'negatives'.

To minimize the narrowing of the springs, ensure that you are not forcing your gripper shut with two hands or another device. The grippers are meant to be used with one hand doing normal repetitions to achieve better hand strength for various sports.

Q: I just bought a couple of your Heavy Grips™ and have blisters on my fingers from the tread on the handles. Why are they so rough?

A: Good question. The gripper handles had to be made of metal as plastic handles just could not handle the torque from the larger springs and would be too slippery. Our grippers are made of cast aluminum machine-knurled handles and without the knurling they would be very slippery, especially if your hand gets sweaty.

We have worked with the manufacturer to ensure that the knurling isn't very sharp and the aluminum makes it slightly softer. Our newer grippers have chrome layered over the handles which softens the knurl even more.

Q: How should I train with the Heavy Grips™?

A:Our hand grippers were designed for developing incredible hand strength. To do this, you must train your hand similar to any other body part and use low reps(and only 2 to 3 times per week) You will not develop a super strong grip by doing a lot of repetitions. Like any other bodypart, don't forget to warm-up and stretch your hand.

Keep the reps in the range of 5 to 25. If you are able to do 15 to 25 reps with a particular strength of gripper, it is a good time to move up to the next level of gripper.

Even if you aren't able to close the next level you can do partials, forced reps and assisted negatives until you are fully able to close it. The average person has trouble being able to close the HG200 on the first try and many report after a couple of months of training they are easily closing it for reps.

When you are able to close your lighter grippers for more than 25 reps, you can use them for warm-ups and for "super-sets". An example of a "super-set" would be to use the HG250 for 2 reps, then the HG200 for 8 reps, then the HG150 until failure, then the HG100 to failure.

 Ultimate Grip - UK wholesaler for the Heavy Grips