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The springs on these grippers are huge and will cause serious injury if they break while using in an inappropriate manner. Ultimate Grip will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur while using the Heavy Grips hand grippers. By purchasing the grippers you agree that you will use them in a responsible manner and AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Keep your hand away from the spring and the gripper away from your face and body while in use.

The Heavy Grip hand grippers are the only grippers that offer a Lifetime Warranty and a lower price including super savings on purchasing a complete Heavy Grip Package.

Gripper Strengths

Although these hand gripper strengths are marketed in 50lb increments, these strengths are approximate. The hand grippers are made with heavy duty torsion springs wound with a CNC machine.

The actual strength of each hand gripper may vary as "spring winding" is not an exact science, although great care is taken to ensure that each hand gripper spring is as uniform in strength as possible.

The Heavy Grips gripper strengths are also not to be compared with any other gripper models on the market. Don't expect the HG 100 to be similar in strength to any other heavy-duty gripper on the market with a 100lb rating as the Heavy Grips were not manufactured in comparison to any other gripper.

We recommend that people with a fairly strong grip start with a HG150 and the HG100 is designed for beginners, younger athletes and athletes with a small hand.

See our FAQ page for more on hand gripper strengths.



Heavy Grip hand grippers are crafted to provide years of grip strength training, but a user must remember that spring failure and injuries are always a possibility. If you purchase a Heavy Grip hand gripper, you agree that you are using it at your own risk, and that you will use it in a safe and proper manner.

Spring Breaks:

Shipping damage or dropping the gripper greatly increases the chance of spring breakage. The shiny black coating makes it easy to spot any defects or damage. If your spring has even a small chip out of the metal, do not use as it will most likely break. If you inspect your grippers upon arrival and take good care of them, you should not have any issues.

 Ultimate Grip - UK wholesaler for the Heavy Grips